New Manufacturer Submission Page

Looking for a long-term Distributor partner, who is an advocate for you?

Great! But first, we always want to point out who is not a good fit for us. We prefer full transparency. 



Who we are NOT for:

Anyone that is 'profit at all costs'. We believe there is a right away to profit. Ways that do not harm everyone and everything around us.

We make errors. We are human. We love humans. The great thing is we commit to fix our errors. If you do not like humans, selling products to our network is probably not a good fit. 

Manufacturers that think the distributor and retailer work for them. Our retailer partners are very important relationships to us and to the other vendor stakeholders in our business. Their customers are the most important aspect of what we do.


Now having that out of the way.....

Who we are for:

Manufacturers that are honest, driven and passionate about what they do.

Manufacturers that are striving for a higher level of business acumen and are willing to learn what they do not know.

Manufacturers that are looking to accelerate their business within stakeholder business formats.


If that sounds good to you, then download this form, fill it out and submit them to:

Excel Onboarding Document.

Download Here

Need another Blank W-9?

Download Here


You will also need a product insurance COI, naming us on it and it must have a subrogation waiver.

Things you will email to Jeremy: 

- Completed W-9.

- Completed on boarding document.

- Certificate of Insurance naming Ironpath Distributors LLC w/ subrogation waiver included.

- Sales sheet one pager.

- Marketing images of the product. We can get this later if needed.


This is not a guarantee of carrying you, but we will put you out to our marketplace and see if what you are offering is valued by the network. If you are accepted by Jeremy, then there will be a modest setup cost of $3,000 dollars for the brand, per subcategory. Nothing crazy like some other companies out there.